Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra with Sue
Yoga Nidra is a powerful practice. In Yoga nidra the body is guided to a state of deep relaxation and stillness while inner awareness remains alert and focussed on the guidance given by the teacher. It is a practice in the sense that you have to learn how to be in this state through repeatedly experiencing it. Sometimes when you start this practice you may feel that you have fallen asleep and lost awareness of what the teacher has been saying. That does not matter, some part of you will still have been listening to the guidance.

Nidra is most often experienced as deep relaxation but it is a form of meditation Nidra can help us to internalise positive messages which then permeate into your life. This can help us to heal ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally. It help us to deal with specific life experiences such as bereavement or health or sleep problems. We can live more calmly and have a more positive outlook.

I did a short training in yoga nidra teaching with Nirlipta Tulli and Uma Dinsmore Tulli of the Yoga Nidra Network. Since then I have integrated what I learned from them with my own understanding of yoga philosophy, vedic chant, the celtic wheel of the year and the body to enable me to write and devise my own yoga nidra practices.

In my classes, live or online, I give a variety of different nidra, sometimes they explore an aspect of Yoga philosophy, sometimes they are related to the seasons of the year, particularly the celtic festivals of the sun and moon that mark the wheel of the year. During the COVID pandemic I often devised nidra designed to support people through the isolation and difficulties of that experience.

1:1 Nidra
If you would like a personalised Nidra practice to help you with some aspect of your life you can have a 1:1 session with me, where we would discuss your aims and devise a nidra practice specifically for you. This could be online or in person. After the session I would send your personalised yoga nidra practice as a sound recording for you to use at any time. The cost of this is £60.