Previous Chanting Seminars in Chennai

January 2015
A very small group of us were lucky enough to be taught by Radha and Anupama for 10 days. We learned bramanandavalli, narayana suktam, pavamanasuktam, visnusuktam, sraddhasuktam, mrtyunjaya-mhamantrah, sarasvati-prarthana, asirvada-mantrah.
Here are some pictures:

January 2017 – ‘Aham amrtam – A spiritual journey to the abode of Nārāyana within us’
Narayana- ‘one who moves or leads all beings… final and safe abode of all beings…an eternal and benevolent guiding force in our hearts’
A larger international group gathered for 9 days to study mahanarayana-upanisat, narayana-upanisat, narayana- suktam, laghunyasah. Some pictures:

January 2019 – ‘viśokā vā jyotismatī’- the journey of life from suffering to no-suffering – a complete study of the yoga sūtra of patañjali